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Logo Centro Especial de Empleo Servidis

Year 2005. It all started as an open business movement aimed at the socio-labor integration of people with disabilities through the provision of services.


16 years later, the Servidis Special Employment Center has become a benchmark in the creation and implementation of innovative service solutions to employ people with functional diversity.


If your company has 50 or more workers and you need to cover the 2% reservation fee for people in this group, we can do a lot for you.

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Logo Servidis Facility Services

In 2007 we started one of our most ambitious projects with the start-up of Servidis Facility Services.


Although we knew that we would compete in the red ocean of the services sector in the Canary Islands, today SFS (as we call it) is a leading company in the provision of comprehensive cleaning, gardening, maintenance and other specialized ancillary services aimed at companies (B2B ).


Why? We offer you something that very few companies offer today: THE WILL TO DO THINGS WELL DONE.


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Logo Servidis Iniciativa Social

The youngest of the Group.


Established non-profit, Servidis Social Initiative was born from the combination of the vocation for the provision of services with people with functional diversity of the Servidis Special Employment Center and the social responsibility of our Servidis Foundation.


Our objective: to be qualified as a Special Employment Center of Social Initiative and to become a bridge of opportunities between the needs of people at risk of social exclusion and the offer of public contracting through "Reserved Contracts".


And as the ad for a famous car brand said in the mid-90s (twentieth century, sorry millennials), we are Young Although Overly Prepared

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logo Fundación Servidis

Unfortunately, the group of people at risk of social exclusion is increasingly numerous and is marked by deficiencies of all kinds, economic and social, especially in these times.


From our Servidis Foundation we have assumed the challenge of reversing this situation, from humility and solidarity, through the following ways:


  • Education and training , to bring them closer to the labor market


  • Supporting them so that their integration into society is real and effective


  • Sensitizing citizens, making their potentials and possibilities known, both in the social and labor fields.


In addition, we can be useful if you want to make a donation to comply with the Alternative Measures, since the Canarian Employment Service has enabled us to do so.


If you want to collaborate or sponsor some of our projects or simply want to have more information about our activities, do not hesitate

Beneficiary company of subsidies for investment projects of SMEs in the Canary Islands. Project: Furniture for new offices with greater accessibility for our employees with functional diversity

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