Our goal

The Foundation was born with the objective of making full social integration a reality.

of people at risk of social exclusion.


The group of people at risk of exclusion is increasingly numerous and is characterized by multiple types of economic and social deprivation. From the Servidis Foundation, we want to contribute our experience and professionalism with the aim of promoting their integration into society through the following channels:

· Increasing their level of training, to bring them closer to the job market.

· Supporting them so that their social integration is real and effective in society.

· Sensitizing citizens, making them aware of their potentialities and possibilities in the social and labour field.

Current Actions

The Foundation is currently developing training projects, labour intermediation services and public activities with various entities such as the Government of the Canary Islands, the Councils and the different Town Councils of the Canary Islands. In this sense, our trajectory and experience to develop these activities guarantees us, providing the security of being able to reach the foreseen objectives. For the implementation of these projects, our Foundation relies on funding from their employers as well as other external economic contributions.


The Foundation is registered in the Register of Welfare Foundations (Order TAS/2904/2007 of 12 September), dated 6 October 2007.

General Disability Law

General Disability Law (Former LISMI Law)

The LGD (former LISMI law) establishes that all Spanish public and private companies, whose workforce (total number of employees regardless of the type of contract) is 50 or more workers, must have a "reserve quota in favour of people with disabilities". In other words, reserve 2% of the workforce for people with a disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013, of 29 November, approving the Revised Text of the General Law
the rights of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion.

Hire through Alternative Measures

It is possible to comply with the law thanks to a series of Alternative Measures in force in the current General Disability Law (upon request for a Certificate of Exceptionality). SERVIDIS in collaboration with the prestigious Asesoria Armando Sánchez Díaz we offer management services and legal advice for compliance with the LGD through these measures:


  • Hire a self-employed worker with a disability or a Special Employment Centre for the supply of raw materials, machinery, capital goods or any other type of goods necessary for the normal development of commercial activity.

  • Hire a self-employed worker with a disability or a Special Employment Centre for the provision of services that are not related to the normal activity of the company.

  • To make donations to non-profit organisations whose aim is the social integration of people with disabilities.

  • The constitution of a work enclave, after signing a contract with a Special Employment Centre.

For each Alternative Measure there are a number of amounts that must be met for each worker not directly employed on the workforce:

In the case of opting for a Special Employment Centre, the annual hiring amount must be at least three times the annual Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM) per non-contracted disabled worker.

*For 2016 it is 19,170.39 euros (three times the IPREM of 6,390.13 euros).


In the case of donations or sponsorship activities, these must correspond to 1.5 the annual IPREM for each worker with non-contracted functional diversity.


*For 2016 it is 9,585.19 euros (1.5 times the IPREM of 7455.14 euros).

More Legislation

Law 26/2011, of 1 August, on normative adaptation to the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Royal Decree 1494/2007, of 12 November, approving the Regulation on access for people with functional diversity to technologies, products and services related to the information society and the media.

Law 39/2006, of 14 December, on the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent Persons.

Royal Decree 1971/1999, of 23 December, on the procedure for the recognition, declaration and qualification of the degree of disability.

Modalities and incentives for hiring people with disabilities.

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