How to use

  1. Close all windows and doors and possible ozone exits from the place, check m2 of the room, living room, etc. (provided it is standard height building code)

  2. According to the m2 a mathematical rule is made that is within the manual.
    ** Attention the decontamination coefficient now due to the contagion situation is the maximum "HIGH"

  3. The resulting time is the one that you select in the equipment with the timer. Once the time is selected, the equipment is started and the hand or mobile watch is checked. Leave the place and close the door. (It is necessary to comply with the times to reach the ozone concentration that manages to eliminate 99.9999% of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi ...) as well as mites, fumes, and other VOCS that may be present. Ozone will generate new oxygen that is positive for health.

  4. Once the time selected in the equipment has passed, the entrance door to the place opens and you wait 5 minutes before entering (the ozone volatilizes quickly), entering after 5 minutes ventilating opening windows for a few seconds.

  5. After this maneuver, the ozonated space can be safely entered.

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