With the aim of promoting the integration of workers in the participation of socio-cultural and sports activities, from the Servidis Special Employment Centre, socio-cultural and sports activities are organized and disseminated for all Servidis workers, whether or not they belong to the group of people with functional diversity.

The methodology followed to carry out each of the activities is participative and active, encouraging at all times both the integration of workers to this type of activities, as with the rest of colleagues who make up the Servidis team. Attendance is recorded by means of a model of attendance record that is given at the beginning of each activity.

The selection criteria are based on the questionnaires given at the beginning of the hiring of the workers, in order to know what their tastes and preferences are. In the same way, the satisfaction questionnaires given to the workers at the end of each activity are taken into account, since, in addition to being an activity evaluation instrument, they function as a collection of information for future events.

The events that have taken place are detailed below, broken down by islands:

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