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Thus, in UPPER CASE. If your company wants to continue in the future, it must commit to the present. Collaborate with our Group, differentiate yourself from your competitors and contribute to the legacy of your company, as a responsible and sustainable entity

We have simplified it into 3 priorities


The true protagonists of our history and the backbone on which everything revolves.


From SOLIDARITY   More sincerely, we have been offering opportunities to more than 500 people in the Canary Islands for more than 15 years, belonging or not to groups at risk of social exclusion and our objective is summarized in the following:




(personal and work) WILL MAKE US BETTER!

Image by Helena Lopes
Padre e hijo

The society

More than giving back, we have decided to CONTRIBUTE to our society, not only by making donations to other entities, but by collaborating closely with suppliers and companies in our environment, in order to promote authentic local development, based on CLOSENESS and the IMPLICATION

The environment

Although good manners are learned at home and go beyond turning off the lights that we do not need or controlling the consumption of paper, we also make you participate when we use environmentally friendly products in the maintenance of your company or when we avoid transfers unnecessary and save fuel.


Respect . Boils down to that

Azotea verde

We would love to help you become a more RESPONSIBLE company

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